1. Each team shall consist of 3 players, each playing 2 consecutive frames with each frame counting as 1 point. Under no circumstances shall a player be allowed to play more than 2 frames in a League or Cup match. This would only differ if a player was involved in the Cup deciding frame.

The Home team will have their order of play posted prior to the arrival of the Away team.

2. The team gaining the highest number of points by the end of the season shall be adjudged the winner of each Division. In the event of a tie for first and second places, a deciding match shall be played on a neutral table on a date to be decided by the Management Committee. Before making this decision, the Secretary will look at the frames accredited to each team after playing each other during that season. If one of the teams has won more frames against the other team, that team will be awarded the title. A deciding match will only be played if these frames are level, as passed at the 2018 AGM.

3. The winning team and runner up of each of the First and Second Divisions shall be promoted to the next higher Division. The bottom two teams of the Premier and First Divisions shall be relegated. Depending on the number of team entries, it may, sometimes, be necessary to leave teams in a division even though they may finish in a relegated position. However, it may be necessary to promote/demote more than two teams in order to balance the Divisions and this will be decided by the Management Committee. Any new teams will be invited to fill vacancies in Divisions as decided by the Management Committee. Vacancies in Divisions will be announced at the AGM as will the structure of the League Divisions for the upcoming season. Only teams that are represented at the AGM will be considered for the League.

4. In the Handicap Cup matches, teams will consist of 3 players. Opponents shall be drawn by ballot and played in the order drawn. Play will be in single frames and the first team to win 4 frames will be adjudged the winners. In the event of a draw, each team will nominate a player to play the deciding frame. In order for players to be eligible to be awarded end of season trophies, they should have played a minimum of 50% in either League or Cup matches depending of the trophy being awarded. Winning teams, whether in the League or Cup, will be awarded a maximum of 4 trophies per team by the League, teams that require additional trophies should make the League Secretary aware and will be required to pay for these by the end of May.

5. Unless otherwise requested by the club involved, any team/teams withdrawing from the League between 1st August and the start of the season shall be deemed to be the lowest in the League for that club. Should a team withdraw after the start of the season, the club will relinquish the place of that team. All fees shall be paid in accordance with Section 8 of the Constitution.

6. League trophies shall not become the absolute property of any club or individual but may be held by the winners until the end of the season. The acceptance of trophies by winning clubs or individuals shall be deemed to be acceptance of full liability to return them promptly to the Secretary of the League in like condition or to indemnify the League for any loss or damage. The management committee reserve the right to upgrade or trade-in any league awards / trophies as appropriate.

7. Lady members and members under 18 years of age are only allowed to play where the club rules permit.

8. Before the commencement of each season, clubs shall register, with the Secretary, the names of not more than 7 players in each team. Such registered players shall not play in a lower division team or the same division without prior permission of the Management Committee. Any player withdrawing from a team after the season has begun, must inform the Secretary immediately. The vacancy may be filled with other players. A player that registers to play for one club during the season may not register for any other club during the same season once that same player has left the original club that he had signed for, without prior permission of the Management Committee. A player playing in the Premier Division is not permitted to register and play for a club in the 2nd Division. He may, however, register and play for a Division 1 team, as passed at the 2015 AGM.

9. Any player playing in 5 or more matches, in one particular division, for one particular team, shall not be eligible to play in a lower division during the season without the prior permission of the Management Committee.

10. Players must be fully paid up members of the club that they represent.

11. All players are representatives of the League and, as such, are responsible for their behaviour during matches, both towards other players and spectators alike. Any behaviour deemed to bring the reputation of the League into disrepute would be dealt with by the Management Committee. This also applies to comments made on social networking sites.

12. The home team shall provide a player to act as a referee and whose decision shall be final. The provision of food, after League matches will be expected to be provided by the Home team.

13. In League matches, all teams shall play at home and away unless otherwise agreed by the Management Committee.

14. In League matches, the home team shall be responsible for, promptly notifying the Secretary of the full results of the match. Result cards must be with the Secretary within one week from the date of the match and the ‘on line’ cards within 48 hours of the match. Failure to comply with this will incur a penalty point being deducted from the home team’s score.

15. Prior to postponing matches due to player shortage, teams should endeavour to source a player/players from a lower division team if possible. If matches are postponed/cancelled, the team unable to fulfil the fixture must give at least 24 hours notice to their opponents, inform the Secretary, and give their opponents 3 alternative, non-consecutive dates within 21 days from the date of the cancelled match, playing the rearranged fixture within that 21 day period. The team cancelled upon must accept one of the dates offered. Under no circumstances will matches be allowed to be cancelled within 21 days of the end of the season. Rule 25 is not affected by this stipulation.

16. In competitions, where playing dates are not specified; both teams/players are responsible for arranging the fixture. The winner/s must notify the Secretary of the result immediately. Matches not played, without a legitimate reason, by the closing date shall be deemed void and both players/teams will be eliminated from the competition. Players or teams failing to play their matches, without extenuating circumstances, will be banned from participating in any future competitions.

17. In the Handicap Singles, Seniors and the Handicap Team cup competitions, the players’/teams division determines the handicap they are given. Handicaps can be found on the ‘Notes’ page on the League website.

In the interest of fairness and consistency, any player playing in a lower division, and with a known higher standard of play, may be subject to an alternative handicap as deemed necessary by the Committee.

18. In the Pairs competition, both players must be registered for the same club at the start of the season.

19. Mobile phones, iPads and any other personal devices must not be used during matches and while in the snooker room where the match is being played. The Management Committee will deal with any reports of abuse of this rule. Any reports received will result in the offending team having a penalty point deducted. Continued abuse of the rule from the same team may lead to that team being expelled from the League.

20. Any protest or grievance shall be communicated to the Secretary, in writing, within 5 days of the match and any dispute shall be decided by the Management Committee excluding any members who belong to the clubs involved (clubs in dispute may be asked to attend the Management Committee meeting)

Any protest/grievance that a club wishes to be dealt with at the Annual General Meeting must be submitted, in writing, to the Secretary 14 days before the Annual General Meeting is held.

21. Matches shall begin at 8pm in the Premier and 7.30pm in Divisions 1 & 2. Teams arriving over 30 minutes late, without an acceptable explanation, will forfeit the first frame.

22. Only super crystallite or other approved snooker balls shall be used in League matches.

23. No Singles or Pairs entries will be accepted without a valid contact number for each player.

24. Any breach of the above General Rules may result in deduction of points or forfeiture of matches as may be decided by the Management Committee.

25. Any team cancelling, without extenuating circumstances, 3 League matches during the season, will incur a penalty point for each match cancelled thereafter. Any match cancelled but played in the same week that it was scheduled to be played will not count as a cancelled match. The team must notify the Secretary before the match is played and each team will be permitted to use this exception up to 5 times, after that the matches will count as cancelled.

26. The League contributes towards it’s chosen charity, Children With Cancer UK, each year and, as such, League teams will contribute the sum of £10 at the point of registration, to the League each season, as agreed at the 2016 AGM.