First Round

These matches are to be played by 3rd December 2023

AHMED (Frames) v SMITHERS (Frames B) AHMED through by Walkover

KENNEDY (Surbiton Town A) v MURPHY (KWMC A) +21 KENNEDY through by Walkover

PROWSE, K (Cheam A) +21 v NELSON (Frames B) NELSON wins 2-0

LOCKYER (Frames C) +14 v KING, D (Grafton) KING, D wins 2-1

STEER (Raynes Park A) v JARMAN (West Ewell Phoenix) +35 JARMAN wins 2-0

GODFREY (Frames D) v SHERRATT (Cheam C) GODFREY wins 2-0

KELLAWAY (Frames D) +14 v ASTIN (New Malden SC) KELLAWAY wins 2-1

PRYCE (Raynes Park B) v AMSDEN (Frames D) +14 AMSDEN wins 2-0

BIDDLE (Raynes Park E) +35 v FOWLER (Frames) FOWLER through by Walkover

HALLS (Frames C) +14 v PROWSE, C (Cheam A) HALLS wins 2-0

THORNTON (KWMC A) v MOORE (Raynes Park E) +14 THORNTON wins 2-0

CHATER (Epsom Club B) +35 v BROCK (Frames 2021) BROCK wins 2-1

PHILLPOTTS (Putney Buses) v BYRNE (Carshalton C) +14 PHILLPOTTS wins 2-1

CLARKE (Putney Buses) v MILLER (Raynes Park B) CLARKE through by Walkover

SHEAN (Raynes Park B) +21 v PHILLIPS (Cheam) PHILLIPS through by Walkover

HARRIS (Frames 2021) v GREEN (Cheam) GREEN wins 2-0

Please text results to 07889 195966 with any breaks 30+