Second Round

These matches must be completed by 13th March 2022

KENNEDY (Surbiton Town A) v HOWSON (Epsom Club A) HOWSON wins 2-0

RAMSEY (Grafton) v MATLOCK (Carshalton) RAMSEY wins 2-0

TAPERELL (Frames B) v PHILLIPS (Royal Surrey) TAPERELL wins 2-1

CAIRES (Putney) v Bye CAIRES through by Walkover

NEWMAN (Raynes Park C) v STERNER (Raynes Park C) NEWMAN wins 2-0

STILL (Cheam C) v BREADING, M (West Ewell E) STILL wins 2-0

SHEAN (Raynes Park B) v CZUCHRAJ (Raynes Park C) CZUCHRAJ wins 2-0

JARMAN (West Ewell Phoenix) v SHERRATT (Cheam C) SHERRATT wins 2-0

Please text your results to the Secretary on 07902 981151