First Round

These matches are to be played by w/e 16th December 2018

S RAMSEY (Grafton) v P GANLEY (Rhodrons A) RAMSEY receives a 21 start
B THOMPSON (United Services) v D LONG (Rhodrons A) THOMPSON wins 2-0
Bye v D HONEY (United Services)
D WOOLLOFF (Tooting Cons) v D PINKNEY (Royal Surrey) PINKNEY wins 2-1
J GREEN (Royal Surrey) v L ANDERSON (Rhodrons A)
P BUTLER (Raynes Park) v C PROWSE (Worcester Park B) PROWSE receives a 35 start
J ZELENCZUK (Grafton) v M BUSH (Rhodrons A) ZELENCZUK receives a 21 start
A PHILLIPS (Royal Surrey) v T PIERSON (Putney CIU) PIERSON wins 2-0
N SHEAN (Raynes Park E) v K GEILES (Raynes Park B) SHEAN wins 2-0
D CZUCHRAJ (Raynes Park C) v S ALLEN (Burgh Heath A)
A MAHER (Cheam A) v S BYRNE (Carshalton) MAHER wins 2-0
C PACKHAM (Royal Surrey) v T KENNEDY (Surbiton Town A) KENNEDY wins 2-0
T STEER (KWMC B) v J SMITHERS (Raynes Park) SMITHERS wins 2-0
D MILES (Burgh Heath A) v P DERITTER (Putney CIU) MILES wins 2-0
D KING (Grafton) v B FISH (Tooting Cons) FISH wins 2-1
M WADDILOVE (West Ewell Phoenix) v K CAREY (United Services) CAREY wins 2-0

Please text your results to the Secretary on 07841 989857